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A life in my life is a dream. We came out in 2003 with decisive steps, with an unbiased understanding, saying 'Let's be dreamy'.
We're long, we're heavy.

Our aim is to bring together more people with culture, art and literature.

"Hayal Culture, Art and Literature Magazine" published every three months was born in our publishing house. The magazine kept the pulse of the world of literature with the corner of the magazine documentary while tending the poetry with the contents of the file. The hopes of hopeless magazine also opened new horizons.

Having started publishing books in 2004, Hayal Publishing has published many books in a fan that extends from poetry novel, literature to philosophy. Hayal Publishing has reached its readers with their new projects and will continue to reach them. Hayal Publishing, founded in 2007 by a lot of people who wore hayaline, established the copyright agency. The publishing house is also endeavoring to bring Turkish art, culture and literature to the places it deserves abroad with the support of Turkish poets and writers.





Caferağa Mahallesi, Miralay Nazım Sokak no: 30 /3 Kadıköy - İstanbul - TURKEY T: +90 212 700 28 36 F:90 212 700 28 37 E: bilgi@hayalyayinlari.com